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Geo-Commerce & Risk

Multinational businesses contend with countless complexities that influence their permission to operate.

Trade tariffs, sanctions, cybersecurity, industrial policies, employee vetting and immigration, boycotts, and government procurement are among the measures that are being used as pretext in geopolitical fights and entangling normal business. National governments are increasingly weaponizing multinational businesses in their conflicts with foreign and domestic rivals, using multinational business as tools of statecraft in pursuing their own nation’s interests around the world.

APCO’s Geo-Commerce team provides a set of strategic advisory tools to support clients as they navigate asymmetric risks, helping them respond coherently to competing national interests and political agendas. APCO combines privileged global insights—born from decades of experience working at the intersection of international business, government, and public opinion—with on-the-ground knowledge and executional capabilities to help clients maintain commercial viability and remain true to their core values.

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International Advisory Council

Mark Michelson

Former chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong

Stuart Eizenstat

Former deputy secretary of the U.S. Department of the Treasury; former U.S. ambassador to the EU

Andrés Rozental

Former deputy foreign minister of Mexico

Itamar Rabinovich

Former ambassador of Israel to the United States; former president of Tel Aviv University

Lisa Hanna

Member of Parliament of Jamaica; United Nations Development Programme Goodwill Ambassador; former Minister of Youth and Culture

Tim Roemer

Former U.S. ambassador to India; former U.S. congressman; member of the 9/11 Commission

Lalit Mansingh

Former foreign secretary of India; former Indian ambassador to the United States and the United Arab Emirates

Ido Aharoni

Global distinguished professor at NYU School of International Relations; member of Israel's foreign service since 1991

Said T. Jawad

Former ambassador of Afghanistan to the United States

Aleksander Kwasniewski

Former president of Poland

Claudia Fritsche

Former Ambassador of Liechtenstein to the United States and former Ambassador of Liechtenstein to the United Nations

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James Robinson

James Robinson

Global Lead for Geo-Commerce
Teresa Lu

Teresa Lu

Managing Director, Global China Practice
jolyon kimble

Jolyon Kimble

Senior Director, APCO MENA and General Manager, Bahrain