Mission & Values

Our commitment to operating responsibly includes acting with strong ethics and integrity; adhering to standards of good governance and financial stewardship; supporting our local communities; and managing our environmental footprint. We comply with local laws of every market in which we operate, adhere to industry codes of conduct to which we are a signatory and strive to meet stakeholder expectations. We aim to serve clients who are committed to the same high standards of integrity and accountability.

Our Mission

In a rapidly evolving global context and a time of transformational change, APCO strives to add value to our clients’ enterprises and benefit society. We enable clients to achieve their objectives through insightful counsel, compelling narratives and creative solutions.

Our Values

The values we put forth – to everyone throughout the organization – reflect our dual commitment to our people and our clients.

  • Boldness: We push boundaries and produce better ideas to solve the really challenging problems of our time
  • Inclusivity: Our culture champions the diversity of people, embracing their thoughts and experiences
  • Curiosity: We hunger for learning and improvement in all we do, keeping us at the cutting edge
  • Empathy: We seek to understand the perspectives of clients, colleagues and stakeholders to better meet their needs

Our Operating Principles

These business principles were part of our DNA long before they were put to paper.

  • Make client success our measurement of achievement
  • Empower people to do great work
  • Nurture an organization where everyone is valued
  • Rely on one another to achieve personal potential
  • Build relationships to build business
  • Tell the truth
  • Push the boundaries with innovative technology and solutions
  • Provide global service culture by culture