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Bringing people, ideas and solutions together, since 1984.

What began 40 years ago, with one woman’s vision and bold action, has grown into an independent, majority women-owned firm of more than 1200 employees working in 80 markets around the world. As strategic advisors, creators and communicators, we are best known for our ability to bring diverse people, ideas and stakeholders together; inspire confidence in others, especially those who can’t afford to fail; and for the strength of character and entrepreneurism of our people who work beyond traditional boundaries and briefs. Since our founding, APCO is building the un/common ground upon which progress is made.

To the bold leaders and organizations who can’t afford to fail.

We work closely with some of the world’s leading corporations, foundations and governments, helping them navigate and thrive in an increasingly complex, and at times, divisive world.

As a long-recognized leader in public affairs, clients engage us for advice and action on cultural, social and economic demands through our suite of integrated services in a multitude of sectors. Our work and expertise are grounded in counsel and brought to life through implementing compelling solutions in the areas of financial markets, competitive growth, and political and societal issues; protecting license to operate; building reputations; and helping organizations adapt during times of great change.

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It’s the company you will keep.

Our diverse company of 1200 employees get to work, every day, as one team—confronting the daunting, ambiguous or fraught issues our clients are facing. They do that with tenacity, courage and wisdom, and with a spirit of cooperation and kindness that is more unique than it should be.

Over our 40 years, we have stayed true to our “glo-cal” roots and cultivated many deep and trusted ties. What began with a foundation of organically developed offices across the globe, we more recently welcomed new colleagues to APCO, including those at Gagen MacDonald, a woman-owned, human-focused transformation consulting firm; Camarco, a leading financial communication consultancy; Italy-based public affairs firm, Strategic Advice; and NGC International Advisory, a public policy and government and regulatory affairs agency; and (dot)Pomelo, a full-service creative agency practice in MENA.

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Our shared sense of purpose and values inform our success, and that of our clients.

APCO exists to anticipate and solve for important client challenges and opportunities that can affect meaningful progress in the world. In a rapidly evolving global context and a time of transformational change, APCO strives to add proven impact and value to our clients’ organizations and society.

Our commitment to one another and our clients is embodied in our values, which we live and breathe every day. We celebrate new ideas, welcome diverse viewpoints and push ourselves to think and behave differently. And we believe our work and relationships are better for it.

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