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APCO Strengthens Asia Social Impact Offering with Addition of Dr Maria Nindita Radyati, Ph.D.

Singapore – 27 October, 2020: Dr Maria Nindita Radyati, Ph.D., a sustainability and corporate social responsibility expert with more than 30 years of experience, joined APCO Worldwide as part of its International Advisory Council (IAC), James Yi, managing director, Southeast Asia & Korea, announced today.

“Maria joins us with an impressive track record as an educator, researcher and leader in the field of CSR and sustainability. Having served in numerous roles on boards, committees and as a senior government advisor to to various ministries and institutions in Indonesia, she has played and continues to play a crucial part in the development of CSR practices of many multinational and state-owned enterprises in Indonesia and across Asia Pacific,” said Yi. “APCO is firmly invested into social impact globally, and Maria’s vast experience and depth of knowledge may guide our clients with valuable opportunities where companies and organizations can make a greater impact in society.”

“I am honored to be part of this distinguished APCO Worldwide IAC team. I am keen to share my expertise in the area of CSR, sustainability strategy and social enterprise with both my colleagues at APCO and with our clients. I hope that together, we can work to create a more significant impact across the world, including Indonesia,” Dr Radyati said.

Dr Radyati is the Founding Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurship, Change, and Third Sector (CECT-USAKTI), a research centre under the postgraduate program at Trisakti University, Indonesia and is also the Head of Education in the Indonesian CSR Consortium and Head of Education of the Association of Risk Management Practitioners (ARMP).

Her other roles include researcher for the Board of Director at the “International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR)” at John Hopkins University, Maryland, and Board Member of various other committees, associations and non-profit organizations.

“As we see more and more companies start making a conscious effort in shifting towards a more responsible and sustainable business model, APCO looks forward to supporting them in grabbing the right opportunities and respond to an increasing demand from their consumers, investors and regulators to making a difference to the environment and society,” added Yi.

Dr Radyati joins a growing team of communications, public affairs, healthcare, technology and corporate branding experts at APCO, with deep ties in Southeast Asia and around the world, including Dr Chew Suok Kai, Fredrik Nyberg, Aida Greenbury, Ambassador Devinda R. SubasingheRami SharafMike ChinoyYuli Ismartono, JJ Lee, Stephanie Tan, Rasheed Abu Bakar, Lance Leggitt, Leslie Norwalk, Dr Kavita Patel and Peter Urbanowicz, among others.

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