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2024 EU Elections: A Reality Check for the Green Deal?

October 11, 2023
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APCO Voices at COP28: Our Key Takeaways

December 19, 2023
Corporate Reputation and Trust

How Reputation is the Foundation for Trust 

In the corporate world, "reputation" and "trust" are often seen as separate concepts, with companies subscribing to the power of one or the other. However, these two concepts are intricately linked and both play a role in building stronger relationships with stakeholders. In the age-old debate of chicken and egg, I would argue that reputation is the foundation upon which trust is built. Without a strong and solid reputation, companies can’t earn trust with their stakeholders.   ...

July 11, 2024 / Katie Sprehe
Zelenskyy at the Shangri-La Dialogue

Navigating Polycrisis: The Vital Role of Shangri-La Dialogue in Asia-Pacific

Today’s world faces what experts call a "polycrisis," a complex web of crises occurring simultaneously across various regions and sectors. ASEAN strategic location and diverse economic and political landscape make it particularly vulnerable, with varying levels of economic development and technological advancement complicating unified crisis response efforts. Rising security needs, including territorial disputes in the South China Sea and increasing cybersecurity threats, underscore the necessity for robust and integrated defense strategies....

July 11, 2024 / Anggi Ramadhani
Employee Activism

Navigating Employee Activism: Effective Engagement Strategies 

APCO recently partnered with the Social Innovation Summit in Chicago, a global annual event for 1,200 purpose-driven business leaders, funders, community stakeholders and impact entrepreneurs driving impact and scaling change. Many companies are navigating the complex landscape of employee activism and spotlighting how the rise of employee voices, especially during pivotal societal events, underscores the need for organizations to foster inclusive environments that harmonize with their core objectives....

Inside the Mind of a Journalist

Inside the Mind of a Journalist: Pitch Advice from Leading Washington, D.C., Media 

At the last month’s Ragan PR Daily Media Relations Conference, communications professionals from across the country gathered in Washington, D.C., for workshops, presentations and panel conversations to learn from each other and keep up with the latest media relations trends. I’m sharing my biggest takeaways from the conference, so that more PR pros can avoid the spam box. ...

July 1, 2024 / Remi Lederman
Light Speed: The Outlook for China’s Rapidly Growing New Energy Capacity

Light Speed: The Outlook for China’s Rapidly Growing New Energy Capacity  

China installed close to 300GW of new solar and wind capacity in 2023, far more than additions in the United States and EU combined. This record-breaking expansion, most of it in solar capacity, keeps China on track to achieve its goals of reaching peak CO₂ emissions before 2030 and carbon neutrality before 2060. But it also presents a practical problem...

June 28, 2024 / Tari Such
The Energy Cost of Digital Transformation

The Energy Cost of Digital Transformation 

Recently, artificial intelligence (AI) and its relation to energy consumption have been gaining increasing attention. The data we consume triggers a domino effect: more communications, storage, hardware and demand on our energy grid. In this blog post, we will consider the sustainability challenges AI presents to business operations and contrast its transformative potential. ...

June 28, 2024 / Aunny De La Rosa-Bathe
Augmenting AI for Leadership

Augmenting Leadership for the AI-Driven Future 

The field of AI is profoundly changing and impacting the entire world, reshaping how businesses and individuals operate. For leaders, understanding and leveraging AI is not just an option but a critical necessity. Leaders must actively engage with AI to stay ahead, drive transformative change and ensure their organizations thrive in this new era....

June 26, 2024 / Abdelfattah Alkhrissat
woman writing on a keyboard

Beyond the Algorithm: Writers Are the True Enchanters of AI

Novelists consider a story a tapestry of characters, emotions and events woven together to reflect the human experience. When communications professionals put on their storyteller hats, they think about crafting messages that resonate with audiences, convey clear narratives and evoke a desired response. ...

June 26, 2024 / Killian MacDonald
Opportunities and Challenges of AI in the Communications Industry: APCO’s Approach

APCO's Approach to AI in the Communications Industry

We’re at an inflection point in the communications industry. The recent boom in AI is transforming the field, ushering in a technological revolution that presents a wealth of opportunities in data, personalization and strategizing, while also introducing critical challenges. At APCO, we’ve been anticipating and adapting to AI since the launch of our AI Comms Lab in 2018, creating solutions for our teams and clients that both maximize the opportunities and mitigate the risks....

June 26, 2024 / Imad Lahad
The Rise of China's EV Industry

The Rise of China’s EV Industry

China has swiftly emerged as the world’s largest exporter of passenger motor vehicles, overtaking Japan in 2023. This rapid growth has attracted global scrutiny, with both the U.S. and EU significantly raising import tariffs on Chinese EVs in May-June 2024. Therefore, multinationals are increasingly concerned about the implications of the rise of Chinese EVs on bilateral trade relationships.  ...

June 25, 2024 / Nina Crunkhorn