Mac Struthers APCO

Data Analytics and Paid Targeting Expert Joins APCO

January 4, 2019

Washington – December 18, 2018: Maclean (Mac) Struthers, an omni-channel advertising and data strategy expert with fifteen years of experience in marketing analytics and paid targeting, has joined APCO Worldwide, announced Evan Kraus, global president and managing director of APCO’s Washington office. Struthers will serve as the global paid media, data, and targeting lead for APCO’s clients.

“Audiences are both more distracted and bombarded by messages than ever before,” said Kraus. “Having someone on the team who knows how to combine the best of technology and cross-channel strategy enables us to cut through the noise make an impact. There are very few people out there with the technical background and strategic expertise that Mac has, and we are incredibly excited to have him on the team.”

Struthers most recently served as president of Audience Partners in Washington, where he built data-driven, audience-specific digital advertising programs to help deliver innovative communications solutions for Fortune 500 companies across multiple platforms.

“Technology is driving so much opportunity to innovate and integrate our communication strategies around an audience,” said Struthers. “We are living in a time where we have more control over who sees what and how and when they see it than ever before. But, the dichotomy of our time is the fact that the same type of technology is also the driving force behind the challenging fragmented media environment, which makes truly connecting with an audience harder than ever. I think that brands are realizing that the siloed approach to communications doesn’t do enough to authentically connect with most audiences. The firms who are using the best of technology and data to help guide integrated strategies that span earned, owned, and paid are the firms that are positioned to connect with audiences in a way that reflects their lifestyle and today’s complex environment. Those are the firms that still understand how to build authentic relationships. I don’t think that there is a firm in the industry that is as focused on innovating in this space as APCO, and it’s why I’m thrilled to be here.”

Struthers joins a robust team of digital experts at APCO, including: Marc Johnson, Imad Lahahd, Dale Vieregge, Rachael Siefert, Laura Reynders, Cody LeBlanc and Daniella Lebor.

He holds a master’s degree from the University of North Alabama and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Struthers’ addition is the latest in APCO’s efforts to help clients adapt to and thrive in today’s challenging business environment.

The firm recently launched a joint offering designed to help clients prepare for and seize opportunities created by massive global disruption by advancing organizational agility. To find out more, visit

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