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Issues and reputation management is at the core of APCO’s mission and public affairs heritage. Our experts work with clients to navigate complex and rapidly changing environments. We develop strategies that anticipate potential issues and mitigate risks, while also enhancing reputation and building stakeholder trust. APCO’s holistic approach combines high-level insights, research and data-driven analytics and creative solutions to deliver impactful results that enable organizations to grow, weather challenges and achieve their business objectives.

Our issues and crisis management experts work with clients to develop crisis response plans, conduct risk assessments and simulate crisis scenarios to ensure that organizations are prepared to handle the biggest challenges that may arise. We also build issue management programs to help companies proactively mitigate risk, identify opportunities to promote and protect brand image, and build meaningful relationships with key stakeholders. APCO  has a suite of industry, government, and regulatory experts at the local, national and international levels to provide guidance on navigating complex political and legislative landscapes and forecast looming challenges.

APCO’s reputation management services are based on a comprehensive understanding of stakeholder perceptions and the development of strategies and providing solutions that are tailored to each client’s unique needs and goals. The issue landscape is ever evolving for our clients and the rules are being rewritten around stakeholder expectations and holding companies accountable. Now more than ever, companies need to not only be prepared to respond to a crisis or challenging issue, but also to install decision-making frameworks which help determine when to enter the conversation and participate in solutions surrounding social and political dynamics. APCO is known for its ability to anticipate emerging issues, mitigate risks and help clients navigate complex challenges, ultimately helping them build and protect their reputations to sustain thriving businesses and organizations over the long term.

Areas of expertise: Ally development, coalition building, crisis planning, Predictive Risk and Opportunity modeling (risk analysis), scenario planning, stakeholder mapping and engagement, digital crisis planning, organizational structure and operational protocols,  24/7 counsel, support and emergency response, global monitoring and support, message development, labor and workplace communications, issues mapping, analysis and management.

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