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Internal Culture & Engagement

We understand what it takes to drive change within an organization and inspire its people

It’s not enough to just push messages out. APCO’s Internal Communications & Employee Engagement team takes an integrated approach to internal communications that puts employees at the center.

In a time when businesses are the changemakers in society, employees have shifting expectations for the way their employer interacts with them and the world.

We build comprehensive strategies to ensure that employees have the information—and the inspiration—they need to deliver business outcomes and become ambassadors for their organizations.

In 2023, APCO acquired Gagen MacDonald, a longstanding partner and industry in culture change, employee engagement and internal communications consulting.

Our Areas of Expertise

Internal Communication

Effective communication has the power to influence the way employees experience your organization. We’ll help you build and implement successful internal communications strategies that drive engagement and deliver results.

Purpose, Values & Brand Narratives

We’ll help you define and articulate your mission, vision and values and develop effective campaigns to ensure that employees understand the important role they play in the future of your organization.

Learning & Development

We develop customized workplace learning programs and trainings to build capabilities, increase engagement and position companies as employers of choice.

Change Management

Using best practices in change management processes, we’ll help you manage change efficiently and effectively with minimum disruptions to your business.

Employee Engagement

We’ll help clients create best-in-class employee giving and volunteering programs to engage employees in your community engagement strategies.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We work with organizations to build more diverse, equitable and inclusive cultures and create policies, programs and experiences that bring your diversity, equity, and inclusion commitments to life for your employees.

Value Proposition & Employer Branding

We’ll help you define your employment promise and bring it to life in a way that reinforces your position as an employer of choice in competitive talent markets and makes a lasting impression on your current employees.

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