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Pietro Battistella is a professional journalist and published author with over 12 years of experience in the communications industry. He focuses on strategic communication and crisis management for corporations and government organizations. Since joining APCO in 2014, Pietro has been based also in the Rome, London, Tokyo and Singapore offices. He currently serves as a director in APCO’s Abu Dhabi office, working on complex international campaigns and projects for large players in the fields of tourism, biotech, manufacturing, transportation and technology, combining government relations and strategic communications elements.

Pietro previously served as joint chief of staff to the global CEO of APCO, supporting financial, communications and operational activities and facilitating effective decision-making and implementation. He was also part of APCO’s global business development team, leading major new business opportunities across the world.

“I’m trying to think. Don’t confuse me with the facts.”
– Plato

Before joining APCO, Pietro worked as a reporter for an Italian news agency. He is a political commentator to international audiences and has authored two books, one on history and one on philosophy.

A native speaker in Italian and fluent in English, Pietro also possesses working knowledge of Brazilian Portuguese.