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Lana Osher is the director and market lead of APCO’s Tel Aviv office. She specializes in helping multinational corporations and foreign public and private entities navigate the complex Israeli market and engage with all elements of the market’s ecosystems. Ms. Osher has over a decade of experience helping clients penetrate the saturated media landscape to build recognition, secure partnerships, achieve local financial targets, and emerge as thought leaders on core issues. 

As head of APCO’s Tel Aviv office, Lana leads a team that develops and executes tailor-made strategic communications, government relations, and public affairs programs for the world’s largest corporations and most prominent public entities.  Since the signing of the Abraham Accords in 2020, Ms. Osher and her team have worked with various regional entities to build local brand awareness and concrete academic, B2B, and G2G partnerships, mindful of sensitivities. She also has a wealth of experience working in the United States and key European markets as well as in the UAE.  

Prior to joining APCO, Ms. Osher served as a research associate at the Rubin Center for Research in International Affairs, supporting the publication of texts on Israel, security and stability in the Middle East and the Muslim Brotherhood. Ms. Osher holds a Bachelor of Arts in Government and International Affairs and a Master of Arts in European Economic and Political Studies from Reichman University in Israel. Ms. Osher is a native English speaker and fluent in Hebrew.