New Year, New Surprises

January 11, 2019

Happy New Year from APCO Worldwide’s Crisis Management and Litigation Communication team.

The first week back to work, and the pages are empty for this year’s story. Time to gear up for the months ahead and all their unknowns – and also heed a lesson from 2016: be humble with certainties and thorough with preparations. With that approach, a foundation for optimism and calm in 2017 can be laid so that surprises are pleasant, planned for or valuable learning experiences (or all three).

As communicators in times of great stress for businesses and institutions, our work happens to coincide with an information era when access to content is instantaneous, answers are demanded in the time it takes to type a tweet, and the definition of news is in the eye of the reader. The stakes are higher and the bar is lower – and there is no more exciting time to help clients get to the other side using data analysis and experience.

  • Are we going down a path similar to one we’ve traveled before? We have decades of combined experience and a proven PROspective approach to draw on.
  • What impact, if any, is coverage of an issue having on groups that matter to you? Sonar can quickly make sense of it all.
  • How do you engage in and influence online conversation in a strategic and meaningful way? Campfire can light the path.

There is so much to listen to, filter and understand. The data keeps pouring in. The news churns out and the conversation carries on. We can’t pretend to know how the tale of 2017 will be written, but we’re ready to plan for the surprises to come.

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