Climate Change Misinformation in the Age of COVID-19

Published ahead of COP26, a new report by Logically and APCO Worldwide found a worrying link between climate change misinformation and COVID-19 conspiracy theories.

The research was conducted by Logically, a tech company using advanced AI, open-source intelligence (OSINT) investigators and expert fact checkers to fight misinformation at scale, and APCO Worldwide’s digital team, who have expertise in understanding complex information spaces, and helping clients to develop communication strategies to counter online mis- and disinformation.

Using innovative, open-source analytical techniques and deep countermeasure experience, APCO Worldwide and Logically undertook a collaborative research project focused on identifying and understanding the most prominent climate misinformation narratives online since 2019.

The report provides a detailed analysis of climate change misinformation narratives as well as several recommendations for how to combat online misinformation.

Download the report here.