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Former Vice President of Public Policy for the Americas at Google; Former United States Congresswoman

Susan Molinari, member of APCO’s International Advisory Council, has a wide-ranging background resulting from her multi-disciplinary service in the leadership of the United States Congress and as Google’s vice president of public policy for the Americas.

Having been elected from a New York City-based district five times to Congress, Ms. Molinari was quickly elevated by House Republicans who twice elected her as one of just eight members to serve in the leadership of the first GOP majority in 40 years. In Congress, she developed a strong record of bipartisanship and effectiveness on issues ranging from transportation and the budget, to child abuse and human rights.

As Google’s vice president of public policy for the Unites States, Mexico, Latin America and Canada, she managed teams that monitored and interacted with both Democratic and Republican administrations, federal departments and agencies, and lawmakers from both sides of the political aisle on both sides of the U.S. Capitol, as well as state and foreign capitals.

She previously served as leader of multiple offices for international public affairs company, Omnicom. Ms. Molinari is also a respected media communicator, having co-hosted a news program on CBS and frequently appearing as a contributor on multiple networks, including CBS, Fox, PBS and CNN, among others.

Molinari also served as a member of the Board of Protective Life and the Toyota North America Diversity Board, as the chair of the corporate social responsibility Century Council, and as a senior principal at the global law firm, Bracewell.