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International Advisory Council

APCO’s International Advisory Council (IAC) and its four subgroups comprise more than 100 recognized global leaders, including: former elected politicians; leaders of business and industry; academics at leading universities; world-class journalists and editors; NGO and nonprofit pioneers; diplomats; and policy experts.

Each member offers clients invaluable real-world knowledge; they are individuals who understand the complex issues clients face because they have encountered similar opportunities and challenges — and successfully conquered them — in their own careers. Clients can get counsel from individual members, or a select group of members with varying perspectives, to obtain robust counsel that can help clients make the right decisions.

APCO IAC Member Guide

IAC Sub-groups:


Corporate Communication Strategies (CCS) is composed of former corporate CEOs, heads of global corporate communications at major companies and CEOs of major public relations firms, collectively representing a diverse range of industry perspectives.


Food, Consumer Products and Retail (FCR) brings together the highest level of experience to help our clients communicate about, and manage, their greatest assets – their corporate reputation and those of their product brands.


Global Problem Solvers (GPS) brings together an international team of more than 30 former government officials, experienced diplomats and business leaders to provide high-level strategic insight on the opportunities and challenges facing businesses at the C-suite level.


Health Advisory Board (HAB), a global, high-level group of public health leaders, heads of communication of large pharmaceutical and insurance companies, and former health policy officials, provides executive-level counsel on health care issues and industry trends, including market access, product marketing, and prevention and wellness.

Ido Aharoni

Global distinguished professor at NYU School of International Relations; member of Israel's foreign service since 1991

Stig Albinus

Former Senior Director, Healthcare

Richard Allen

Former assistant to President Ronald Reagan for national security affairs and chief foreign policy advisor

Nicholas Ashooh

Former vice president of corporate affairs for Alcoa

Nancy Bachrach

Former executive vice president and chief marketing officer of Grey Worldwide

Patricia Barron

Former chief information officer and president, office products division for Xerox Corporation

Steve Bartlett

Former president and CEO of the Financial Services Roundtable; former mayor of Dallas, Texas; former U.S. congressman

Ken Blackwell

Former mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio; former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Human Rights Commission

Don Bonker

Former U.S. congressman and senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee

Spencer Boyer

Former national intelligence officer for Europe at the U.S. National Intelligence Council

Laurens Jan Brinkhorst

Former member of the European and Netherlands Parliaments; former EU ambassador to Japan

Harry Broadman

Former assistant U.S. Trade Representative; PwC senior managing director; World Bank official

Beth Brooke-Marciniak

Former Global Vice Chair, Public Policy, EY

Stuart N. Brotman

Global expert in telecommunications, internet, media, entertainment, and sports; digital privacy and cybersecurity adviser

Barie Carmichael

Former vice president and chief communications officer at Dow Corning Corporation

Mike Chinoy

Non-resident senior fellow at the U.S.-China Institute at USC; former senior Asia correspondent for CNN

Shelby Coffey III

Former editor of the Los Angeles Times and U.S. News & World Report

J. Norwell Coquillard

Former chairman and president of Cargill Investment (China) Limited

Nomsa Daniels

CEO, Blue Zebra Projects; former CEO, Graça Machel Trust

Andy Davidson

Principal, Hummingbird Hill Advisors LLC; Former CEO, Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems

Mark Devadason

Former CEO of Standard Chartered Bank in Japan and Thailand

Jim Dinegar

Former president of the Greater Washington Board of Trade

Diane Dixon

Former mayor of Newport Beach, California; former chief communications officer at Avery Dennison

Stuart Eizenstat

Former deputy secretary of the U.S. Department of the Treasury; former U.S. ambassador to the EU

Karl Falkenberg

Former director general at the European Commission

Jack Faris

Former CEO of the Pacific Northwest Diabetes Research Institute; former director of communications for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Mary Foerster

Former vice president of communications and marketing for Boeing Commercial Airplanes

Orit Frenkel

Former senior manager for GE Global Government Affairs

Claudia Fritsche

Former ambassador of Liechtenstein to the United States

Craig Fuller

Former assistant for cabinet affairs to President Ronald Reagan; former chief of staff to Vice President George H.W. Bush

Juan Manuel Galán

Former member of the Colombian Senate; 2022 Colombian presidential candidate

Dan Glickman

Former U.S. secretary of agriculture; former U.S. Congressman; former chairman of the Motion Picture Association of America

Theodore Greenberg

Former World Bank official and prosecutor at the U.S. Department of Justice

Aida Greenbury

Sustainability and risk management strategist; advisor to leading organizations, former managing director at the largest pulp & paper group

Richard Harrington

Former UK Government Minister

Chris Hassall, Ph.D.

Former global external relations officer at Procter & Gamble

Jan Hausrath

Corporate communications expert; former executive director, APCO Worldwide

Denise Hill

Former vice president, corporate communications and public relations at Delhaize America

Betty Hudson

Director emeritus and former board member at Aflac, former chief communications officer for the National Geographic Society

Kim Hunter

Chairman & CEO, The LAGRANT Foundation (TLF)

Yuli Ismartono

Former deputy chief editor of TEMPO, a weekly news and current affairs publication based in Indonesia

Said Jawad

Former ambassador of Afghanistan to the United States

Bruce Jentleson, Ph.D.

Former senior advisor to the U.S. Department of State Policy Planning Director

Lars Göran Johansson

Executive vice president of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise

Paul Johnson

Senior Strategist and Chief Growth Officer, APCO Worldwide

Justin Jones

Former Senior Communications Adviser to U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

Dale E. Jones

Chief Executive Officer of Diversified Search; former vice chairman of Heidrick and Struggles International Inc.

Ira Kasoff

Former deputy assistant secretary for Asia at the U.S. Department of Commerce

Cornelius Kerwin

President emeritus and former president of The American University

Bob Kocher, M.D.

Former special assistant to President Barack Obama for health care and economic policy; former member of the National Economic Council

Elaine Kolish

Founding director and former vice president of the Children's Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative

Eric Kraus

Former chief communications officer at Bacardi Ltd.; former chief communications officer at Covidien, plc

Aleksander Kwasniewski

Former president of Poland

Stephen Lanza

Former Commanding General of I Corps

Kathy Leech

Former vice president, corporate brand and advertising at Comcast NBCUniversal; former director of brand communications at BP

Lance Leggitt

Former Senior White House Advisor, Former Chief of Staff for the Secretary of the United States Department of Health and Human Services

Delano Lewis

Former U.S. ambassador to the Republic of South Africa; former president and CEO of National Public Radio

John Magaw

Founding director of the Transportation Security Administration; former director of the U.S. Secret Service

Frank Majoor

Permanent representative of the Netherlands to NATO; former permanent representative of the Netherlands to the UN

Susannah Malarkey

Founding executive director of the Technology Alliance

Jaime Malet

Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in Spain

Vada Manager

Member of the board of Valvoline, Inc.; former senior director of global issues management for Nike, Inc.

Jim Manley

Former Spokesman for Senate Majority Leader

Anita Manning

Former USA TODAY medical reporter covering public health issues

Lalit Mansingh

Former foreign secretary of India; former Indian ambassador to the United States and the United Arab Emirates

Betsy Fischer Martin

Executive director of the Women and Politics Institute at American University; former executive producer of NBC News 'Meet the Press'

Anita McBride

Former assistant to President George W. Bush; former chief of staff to First Lady Laura Bush

James McGregor

Bestselling author; former China bureau chief for The Wall Street Journal; former CEO of Dow Jones China

Mark Michelson

Former chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong

Ellen Mignoni

Corporate responsibility expert; former senior director, APCO Worldwide

Lincoln Mitchell

Former National Political Correspondent for the New York Observer; Former Professor of International Politics at Columbia University

Deb Mitchell

Former senior vice president of global corporate communications at Cardinal Health

Susan Molinari

Former Vice President of Public Policy for the Americas at Google; Former United States Congresswoman

James Moore, Jr.

Founder and CEO of the Washington Institute for Business, Government and Society

Jim Moorhead

Senior director, crisis management and litigation communication, APCO Worldwide

Christian Murck

Former chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in China; former director of J.P. Morgan Chase China

Ken Nasshan

Former head of communications at Kaman Corporation

Jane Nelson

Senior fellow and director of the CSR Initiative at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government

Leslie Norwalk

Former acting administrator for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Fredrik Nyberg

Former chief executive of Asia Pacific Medical Technology Association (APACMed)

Jess O'Connell

Former CEO of the Democratic National Committee; former executive director of EMILY's List

Benjamin Ou

Former director of Chinese government affairs at United Technologies; former deputy director at the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation

Pamela Passman

Former corporate vice president and deputy general counsel at Microsoft

Kavita Patel

Former director of policy for the White House Office of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs

Matthew Perault

Director, Center on Science & Technology Policy, Duke University; former director of public policy at Facebook

Lars Petersson

Former president of IKEA U.S.

Phyllis Piano

Former vice president of corporate communications and philanthropy at Amgen

Wayne Pines

Former chief spokesman and chief of consumer education and information for the U.S. Food & Drug Administration

Itamar Rabinovich

Former ambassador of Israel to the United States; former president of Tel Aviv University

Maria Radyati

Executive director of the Center for Entrepreneurship, Change, and Third Sector at Triskati University Indonesia

Bruce Ramshaw

Founder and managing partner of CQ Insights, a heathcare data analytics company

Donald Riegle Jr.

Former U.S. senator and U.S. congressman; former chairman of the Senate Banking Committee

Tim Roemer

Former U.S. ambassador to India; former U.S. congressman; member of the 9/11 Commission

Andrés Rozental

Former deputy foreign minister of Mexico

Larraine Segil

Partner emeritus and former owner and director of Vantage Partners, LLC

Jaime Serra

Former secretary of trade and industry of Mexico; former secretary of finance of Mexico

Andrew Serwin

Executive director of the Lares Institute

Rami Sharaf

Chief Executive Officer of WorldBridge International Group

Cliff Stearns

Former U.S. congressman; former chairman of the Transatlantic Dialogue for the European Union

Kirk Stewart

Former global vice president of corporate communications for Nike, Inc.

Wendi Strong

Former executive vice president and chief communications officer at USAA

Devinda Subasinghe

Former ambassador of Sri Lanka to the United States and Mexico

Chew SuoK Kai

Senior Advisor at the Singapore Ministry of Health; Adjunct Associate Professor at the National University of Singapore

Richard Swett

Former U.S. ambassador to Denmark; former U.S. congressman; fellow of the American Institute of Architects

Sandra Taylor

Professor of sustainability at Chatham University; former senior vice president of corporate social responsibility for Starbucks Coffee Company

Harlan Teller

Chief marketing officer, Northern Arizona University

Kenneth Thorpe

Former deputy assistant secretary at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

James Thurber

Director of the Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies at American University

Sten Tolgfors

Former minister of defense of Sweden; former minister of trade of Sweden

Gregory Treverton

Former chairman of the U.S. National Intelligence Council

Tevi Troy

Former deputy secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Georges Ugeux

Former president of the European Investment Fund; former head of the international group of the New York Stock Exchange

Peter Urbanowicz

Former Chief of Staff for the Secretary of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Former HHS Principal Deputy General Counsel

Rick Wade

Former head of communications for the American Hospital Association

Freda Wang

Co-founder and managing director of M&E China Inc.

Graham Watson

Former member of the European Parliament from the United Kingdom

Earl Anthony Wayne

Former U.S. ambassador to Mexico and Argentina; former deputy U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan

Pete Wentz

Former vice president of corporate communications and law for Helene Curtis Industries, Inc.

Charlene Wheeless

former principal vice president of global corporate affairs for Bechtel Corporation

Paula Widerlite

Former Chief Strategy Officer at Luminis Health, Anne Arundel Medical Center

Mitchell Willey

Founder of Time and Place

Jonathan Winer

Former U.S. special envoy for Libya; former deputy assistant secretary for international law enforcement at the U.S. Department of State

Tarik Yousef

Former CEO of Silatech and the founding Dean of the Dubai School of Government

Joseph Zimmel

Former managing director at Goldman, Sachs and Co.