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Webinar: Action on Climate Change

May 14, 2021

President Biden’s Leaders’ Summit on Climate was more than a moment of global cooperation between heads of state, but a key moment for climate best practices and a call for businesses to take a leading role alongside the governments of the world. APCO experts including CEO Margery Kraus, Senior Director and Senior Advisor Judit Arenas and Climate and Sustainability Global Lead Heather McGreory were joined by Anne Kelly, Vice President of Government Relations at Ceres, to share what domestic and international climate policy and this moment mean for business.

Key highlights:

  • Judit touched on equity and justice in relation to the global challenge that climate change presents to world leaders, companies, and individuals alike.
  • Anne spoke of the bipartisan moments happening between Capitol Hill and the White House giving renewed hope for infrastructure and climate legislation before the August recess.
  • Anne and Heather previewed the coming regulations from all the executive branch agencies and offices, especially the forthcoming climate risk disclosures for businesses.
  • Heather and Margery set out a framework for how businesses can engage on climate and prepare for the coming legal and regulatory changes.

Businesses and organizations will all be expected to contribute to the climate conversation. The journey to protecting our environment and building a sustainable future has already begun and things are changing quickly. There are a lot of on ramps to this journey and there is no wrong way to start participating no matter where you or your company are.

There is no time like the present – start now – and let APCO guide you on the journey to climate action by helping you to set ambition, make a plan, take action, and report out.

*APCO also has a range of resources to help navigate climate issues including the 8-point plan, APCO’s weekly climate policy update and consultations with our Climate Action team. Contact the APCO Impact team to learn more.

Watch the full webinar here:

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