Technology and Data are Disrupting the Grassroots and Advocacy Industry

January 11, 2019

APCO Partners with Crowdskout and the Grassroots Professional Network on New e-Book, “The Intersection of Innovation and Advocacy” 

Advocacy has changed. Technology and data are disrupting the old models of communicating with supporters, ushering in a new era of activism with unprecedented access to information. Organizations that use data and technology to leverage their advocacy efforts have a competitive advantage in recruitment, mobilization, and retention of supporters.

For a comprehensive view of the advocacy and grassroots industry and landscape, APCO partnered with Crowdskout and the Grassroots Professional Network on the development and release of a new e-book, “The Intersection of Innovation and Advocacy.”

The teams interviewed top influencers and practitioners in the industry to compile the trends, data hacks and tech tips they use to maximize their impact every day.

Recent data highlights the stark, and still growing, partisan divide across the United States. Americans on both the left and the right are further entrenched in their partisan beliefs. Combine that with an era of unprecedented mistrust, whether it be the media, policymakers or technology and companies face uncharted waters on how best to communicate in advocacy campaigns.

Thankfully, data and technology are disrupting old and traditional models of communicating and mobilizing supporters. Experts throughout the e-book offer their insights on the various technology trends they use to most effectively identify grassroots supporters, communicate with them in a way they trust and ultimately mobilize them on a variety of policy issues.

Click here to download a free copy of the book and explore the insight from a series of advocacy efforts.

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