Tech Trends Report: MENA 2021

The MENA region has recently seen a significant increase in the adoption of technology as a means of powering growth, but there still is plenty of underutilized potential. Human experience platforms have been gaining ground; there has been an upsurge in investments in digital transformation, IoT and machine learning; and automation is accelerating. In the private sector, this has led to a growing demand for insights about the regulatory environment in the MENA region. And in the public sector, this has fueled demand for in-depth analyses of and advisory on trending technology and influential players.

APCO’s MENA Tech Trends report was an exercise in active listening: to our clients, to organizations across sectors and industries, to leading experts and to the broader public. In listening to their views, priorities, aspirations and concerns, we challenged our own assumptions about the state-of-affairs and trends likely to have the most profound impact on life and work in years to come.

Download the report here or read below.

APCO Alumnus Alexander Wegner coauthored this post.