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Digital Transformation Priorities in Italy’s Recovery Plan

April 29, 2021

Italy’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan places great emphasis on the green transition and on the digital transformation, assigning more than 20 percent of the overall resources (EUR 235.14 bn / USD 284.39 bn) to the latter. ‘Digital’ pervades the Plan in its entirety, inspiring both structural and sector-specific reforms. Ultimately, it is deemed capable of triggering the transformation of society as a whole, by, for instance, growing employment levels and gender balance, as well as advancing youth inclusion.

Digitalization-dedicated projects amount to 50.07 billion euros (60.56 USD bn), and target both the private and the public sector, as well as tourism and cultural industries. A cloud-first approach, digital identity technologies, supply of digital public services and faster ICT public procurements are the identified trends to advance the modernization of the public sector. Businesses and industries will benefit from 30,98 billion EUR worth of investments (37.47 USD bn) in enhanced connectivity, digital transition of manufacturing, and internationalization of small and medium enterprises. Finally, tourism and culture will need to become greener and digitally accessible, in an effort to boost attractiveness and value Italy’s heritage.

Watch this video with more information about the plan:

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