APCO Trademarks Study Shows how Associations are Successfully Influencing Washington Today

January 9, 2019

Washington (September 20, 2016) – APCO Worldwide today released the third update to its annual TradeMarks Study measuring the influence and efficacy of advocacy associations in Washington.

Key results from the study are available here.

In addition, an invitation-only event will be held tomorrow at APCO’s headquarters featuring three of the association leaders who have been recognized for their advocacy efficacy. Dr. James Madara, CEO of the American Medical Association, Michael Beckerman, CEO of the Internet Association, and Erin Streeter, senior vice president of communications at the National Association of Manufacturers, will share their perspectives on what makes a trade association an effective advocate and what the future holds for trade associations.

The study surveyed 306 policy leaders in Washington – congressional staff, executive branch officials and private sector executives – to identify what makes an association an effective public policy advocate in the eyes of its key stakeholders.

“This year’s study shows that relationships still matter, but storytelling and independent third party validators serve as differentiators for associations,” said Bill Dalbec, the study’s principal investigator and deputy managing director for APCO Insight, the opinion research group at APCO Worldwide. “Our results demonstrate that the most effective associations are increasingly focusing on these latter two areas to achieve their policy goals.”

APCO’s research also found that understanding the changing nature and rhythm of how a Hill staffer receives information will be crucial to effective advocacy in the future. As they now routinely receive their information on-the-go via mobile devices, the importance of mobile-optimized and targeted communication is increasingly important to reach these individuals.

“Effective associations in the future need to be nimble, responsive and versatile, open to working with new allies to come together quickly and target an issue,” said Gadi Dechter, senior director and head of APCO’s Washington public affairs practice. “Effective associations will increasingly need to be technologically savvy and sophisticated in their targeting, and through it all, have a resonant story that can be communicated simply.”

For more information about the TradeMarks Study, please visit here.

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