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APCO Introduces New Brand Identity, Celebrating its Milestone 40th Anniversary

February 21, 2024

Washington – February 21, 2024: In celebration of its 40th anniversary, APCO today launched a new brand identity, looking to the future built on its continued effort to provide advisory and advocacy services that help clients navigate global complexities through building un/common ground℠ to achieve progress.

Having established a significant global presence, APCO will drop Worldwide as part of its name and logo, reinforcing that presence and action speak louder than written words and promises. Its global advisors and the success they have brought continue to be proof points for a company that has helped clients navigate an increasingly complicated world over the past 40 years, often by doing things that haven’t been done before.

The Uncommon A—the new symbol that accompanies APCO’s logo—symbolizes the uniqueness of APCO’s offer. On one side, the traditional side, it reflects where APCO came from and where it is going, and the stability and sound advice that APCO has historically offered to clients. Removing one leg of the A, on the other side, reveals the uncertain times in which we live and the search for creative solutions that empower the transformational change and the progress clients seek to make.

“We have heard from clients time and again that APCO has a ‘superpower’ to work as a single, global firm with key relationships worldwide, making valuable connections that are critical for clients’ success,” Founder and Executive Chairman Margery Kraus said. “Demonstrated by our 40-year record of impactful work for clients, our team’s diverse and relevant expertise and knowledge, and integrated approach and capabilities, APCO has a special and authentic culture and character, bolstered by our people, that inform and enable our perspectives and work. I am proud of what we have achieved and excited about how our new brand reflects our heritage while representing where we are going in the future and the legacy our organization is creating.”

“The new brand reflects APCO’s 40-year journey of boldness and courage, overcoming hurdles by drawing on our diverse team’s insights and expertise,” CEO Brad Staples said. “Guided by our values as well as the commitment, collaboration and determination for our work, APCO continues to pursue unconventional solutions and seek uncharted achievements for clients around the world.”

APCO began as a single-person operation with the idea that clients need to have the freedom to look across the spectrum and not have the solution be defined by the kind of firm they approached. Now, as APCO celebrates its 40th anniversary with more than 1,200 employees in 32 offices worldwide, APCO’s global team works together across borders and functions to help clients face the unknown and bring about meaningful change and impact for their stakeholders and society. When divisions and contradictions present barriers to progress, APCO’s strategic advisors uncover insights, build coalitions and make vital connections that continue to unlock solutions and create opportunities.

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