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Climate & Biodiversity

We empower organizations to take strategic, bold and impactful action

As global temperatures continue to rise, we are witnessing more frequent and severe weather events, including hurricanes, droughts, wildfires, and the alarming melting of polar ice caps. These extreme weather phenomena pose significant threats to physical assets and human lives. For businesses all around the globe, disruptions to supply chains and increasing operational costs are becoming more common. Concurrently, species are disappearing at an alarming rate due to habitat destruction, pollution, and climate change. This biodiversity loss negatively affects the health and integrity of ecological systems upon which human life depends. For business, biodiversity loss poses significant economic risks affecting their competitive stance, financing sources, and profitability potential.

Climate change and losses in biodiversity can no longer be viewed as a distant threat; they are a pressing reality that demand immediate attention. APCO Climate and Biodiversity is committed to partnering with organizations through every stage of their journey towards positive climate and biodiversity impact.

We believe that taking decisive action on climate and biodiversity can benefit corporations significantly by both reducing identified risks and creating long-term opportunities.

Our integrated approach to strategic counsel and offerings enables you to set and meet your climate and biodiversity ambitions: 

  • We help organizations articulate, implement and socialize strategies for positive climate and biodiversity action  
  • We act as a catalyst for emerging clean technology deployment by servicing the start-up world 
  •  We offer strategic intelligence services to help the C-suite and Boards navigate the complex and ever evolving climate and biodiversity ecosystem 

We serve as your trusted advisor across all your climate and biodiversity issues, partnering with you along every step of the way. 

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Our Expertise


  • We navigate the complex landscape of climate-related risks and opportunities for our clients and advise on how to start to integrate sustainability into their business strategy.

Net Zero & Biodiversity Strategy

  • We support organizations in articulating, implementing and promoting net-zero and nature positive strategies. Our aim is to enable them to prosper in a low-carbon economy and make swift progress towards their climate and biodiversity goals.
  • On decarbonization, we help clients assess their carbon footprint and evaluate cost-effective options to reduce emissions.
  • On biodiversity, we assess and manage our client’s impacts on biodiversity and ecosystems and integrate nature-based solutions into their business practices.

Climate and Biodiversity Target Setting and Action Roadmaps

  • We offer Science-Based Targets (SBTs) and SBTi’s Net-Zero Standard advisory services.
  • We assist clients in developing and implementing a comprehensive and holistic plan to identify key actions, set realistic targets and measure progress towards their climate and biodiversity commitments.

Carbon Markets

  • We offer comprehensive guidance on carbon markets, helping our clients select high-integrity carbon credits that align seamlessly with their business goals and objectives for social and environmental impact.

Climate Tech

  • We support climate tech businesses advance their corporate missions to scale up critical climate solutions by leveraging our global capabilities in foundational research, brand building, storytelling and advocacy.


  • We support our clients measure and disclose their climate action in alignment with global reporting frameworks and standards.

Strategic Communications

  • We create powerful content that clearly conveys our client’s initiatives related to climate change and biodiversity. This helps enhance their reputation and effectively engages key stakeholders. 

Government Affairs

  • We monitor legislative and regulatory impacts related to decarbonization and nature positive outcomes by advocating for our client’s interests with policymakers.

Stakeholder Engagement

  • We help our clients connect the dots within the climate and biodiversity ecosystems by developing award-winning coalition-building experiences and engagement strategies that advance their climate and biodiversity mission.

Point People

Trevor Neilson

Trevor Neilson

Global Chair, Climate & Biodiversity
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Lynn Davidson
Christophe Guibeleguiet

Ian Rumsby

Chief Client Officer, Southeast Asia