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APCO Worldwide is an industry leader in providing strategic advisory and advocacy services to governments. We have assisted dozens of government entities around the world in developing and implementing strategic advocacy, communication, public relations and public affairs campaigns.

We bring the depth of all areas of APCO’s expertise to bear for clients from sovereign governments to municipalities, helping them manage crises, seek business investment, promote travel and tourism, improve reputations and more.


Creating Campaigns at Home and Abroad

APCO’s connected global approach to navigating challenges for all our clients helps us successfully create campaigns that reach stakeholders across town or on the other side of the planet, from government and business leaders making policy and investment decisions to the general public looking for new travel adventures.

We have experience representing and reaching major capitals, such as Washington, Brussels, New Delhi, Riyadh or Beijing but also emerging economies, states, provinces and municipalities. APCO has also served or leveraged relationships with critical international organizations, such as the UN, the OECD, the G-8, NATO, APEC, ASEAN and the OSCE. The complex issues involved require expert professionals to guide strategy and achieve impactful results. APCO is an approved vendor on the GSA schedule.


Attracting Investment in Times of Change

The global landscape for attracting foreign direct investment is competitive.

Cities, states, provinces, regions, and national governments scour the globe looking for companies willing to invest. Hundreds of investment promotion agencies spend millions of dollars annually to compete for opportunities from a limited number of companies.

At APCO, we utilize our broad experience supporting both governments and businesses to identify our clients’ strengths, leverage their competitive advantages and open their markets directly to the types of investors most suited to their industries. Through our in-house opinion research team, we provide real-time data on market perceptions and campaign effectiveness. We engage directly with potential foreign investors at the highest level to provide unique opportunities for you.

Our Government Services

  • Direct Representation: Supporting governments and governmental institutions by directly championing their interests on policy issues.
  • Reputation Management: Designing and implementing proactive campaigns for leaders, high level officials and governments, domestic and international.
  • Investment Support: Advising regional and national governments on export promotion and inbound investment.
  • Incumbent Governments: Helping to shape domestic messages and communication techniques through polling and focus group research.
  • Building Global Development Partnerships: Assisting with government outreach to private sector corporations, NGO’s and other institutions in pursuit of global partnerships.
  • Infrastructure Development: Working alongside key stakeholders to design the most effective internal communications infrastructure capable of delivering government messaging.
  • Public Service Reform: Effectively communicate with respective publics on reform through traditional media, online campaigns, and third-party support.
  • Policy and Market Issue Research: Researching and analyzing priority sectors of interest to help governments better define their strategic focus.
  • Political Legacy Communications: Helping incumbents not facing re-election establish their legacy by defining the narrative and developing key messaging for international audiences.
  • International Communications Support: Supporting governments holding chairmanship of international organizations, participating in summits or conducting accession.

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