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Over the past two decades, Germany has become increasingly important on the international stage: Political decisions made in Berlin reverberate throughout the European Union and beyond. Frankfurt is already a leading global hub for finance and business and is likely to become even more significant as an international financial center over the next few years.

APCO’s operations in Germany were founded in Berlin in 2000. We recently opened a second office in Frankfurt.

Our German team supports more than 40 clients, including international companies, trade associations as well as governments and NGOs. We have strong expertise in a wide range of sectors including ICT, energy, health care, finance, transportation and logistics and food and consumer products.

We take an integrated approach to consulting, which is based on three pillars: our strong public affairs heritage, our experience in corporate communications and in-depth crisis communications expertise combined with outstanding creative and digital capabilities. We integrate these pillars to deliver effective corporate communication campaigns across these multiple sectors.

To our clients we are a trusted advisor and partner, helping them to analyze complex situations and identify the best strategic approach. We use a campaign approach in our work and do not shy away from being creative – especially with complex topics.

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Robert Ardelt

Managing Director, Germany+

Isabel Kassabian

Deputy Managing Director, Germany+

Nadine Meliss

Deputy Managing Director, Germany+49.30.590.002.027