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Project Consultant

Yitao Deng is a project consultant at APCO’s Shanghai office, where he specializes in government engagement, strategic communications and social media management.

Mr. Deng has rich experience in both management and public affairs consulting, including strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, and corporate brand building. Mr. Deng is also well connected with China’s transportation industry, including the China Urban Public Transportation Association and local transportation commissions. This compound expertise has enabled Mr. Deng to successfully lead teams to solve complex problems for APCOs key clients, including Michelin, Johnson Controls, Flextronics, Grace, Marriott International, Diageo, and Costa Cruises.

Most recently, Mr. Deng led a team to develop the thought leadership strategy for Johnson Controls. The team has successfully developed and launched Johnson Controls’ first white paper on the intelligent hospital in China, which helped Johnson Controls establish its leading thought leadership position in a crowded market place.

Prior to joining APCO, Mr. Deng worked as a consultant at the Orient Consulting Company, where he led teams to deliver strategic advice to clients in the manufacturing and real estate industry.

Mr. Deng received his bachelor’s degree from the Business School of Nanjing University, with a major in Human Resources Management. He also received a graduate certificate from the Hopkins Nanjing Center on Chinese and American Studies.