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Research Operations Director

Sabiha Ozgur is the research operations director at APCO and is based in Washington, D.C. She plays a pivotal role within the company’s Insight team, leveraging her in-depth knowledge of qualitative and quantitative market research methodologies. With her extensive background in crafting streamlined research processes, overseeing training programs, and steering research operations, Ms. Ozgur is instrumental in fortifying the Insight team’s operational framework, enacting industry-leading practices, and refining the team’s professional development approach.

Before joining APCO, Ms. Ozgur held the position of associate director of research at Ballast Research, where she spearheaded their research initiatives across federal, state, and European Union levels. Her leadership was characterized by her strategic oversight on research operations, professional training, and project management.

Her rich career in market research also encompasses significant contributions at the Nielsen Company and Ipsos. At Ipsos, not only did Ms. Ozgur establish and lead the qualitative market research team in Turkey, but under her guidance, the team achieved remarkable industry recognition. During her time at Nielsen, she was instrumental in developing customized research services, infusing them with qualitative research excellence.

Ms. Ozgur’s academic credentials include a Master’s degree in Social Psychology from the prestigious Bogazici University in Istanbul. She has co-authored several scholarly articles published in esteemed journals including the International Journal of Psychology, Behavior Research and Therapy and the Central Asian Literacy Forum, contributing valuable insights to the field of psychology.