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Tailored intelligence to conquer complexity.

At APCO, curiosity is a deeply engrained part of our culture and uncovering insights to inform our work for clients is integral to everything we do.


apco insight logoEnterprises today are actively working to manage the pressure to act and engage on a complex variety of issues – evolving their organizational culture, strengthening their brand and creating societal value, among them. They are also focused on the changing expectations of their stakeholders – whether they are employees, customers, investors, public officials or citizens. As organizations become more data-driven, many are overwhelmed and struggle to be nimble and agile decision makers. Given these challenges, now is not the time to guess. That’s why clients around the world choose APCO Insight to help them become catalysts for progress by providing research, analytics and measurement insights tailored to conquer the complexity they face every day.

We approach client challenges with a belief that insights can come from anywhere – secondary research, social listening, digital analytics, opinion research, client data and third-party audience data. Our audience-centric approach that builds on historical data collected over more than two decades across industries allows us to uncover hidden insights, resulting in a strategic idea that can be turned into an activation or campaign.


Giving clients an unrivaled edge for 20+ years.

For more than 20 years, clients have trusted APCO Insight to bring the voice and perceptions of their diverse stakeholders – and a deep understanding of what those stakeholders are thinking, feeling, saying and doing – directly into every facet of their communication strategy and programming.

Our clients appreciate that research isn’t siloed at APCO. They benefit from partnering closely with our global team of research, data science and digital professionals working side-by-side with our communication and subject matter experts, to receive actionable intelligence grounded in both research acumen and a deep understanding of the nuances and complex dynamics of their industries, issues and stakeholders.

Clients engage with us for three reasons:

Tap into insights from everywhere – the breadth of secondary research, thoroughness of opinion research, speed of digital analytics and the depth of data science – to gain an unrivaled edge

Armed with rich intelligence, find an enlightened path forward and build data-driven strategies that change perceptions and motivate behaviors

Demonstrate proof of progress to refine strategies, inform future efforts and quantify business outcomes tied to activations and experiences

Areas of Focus

  • An enterprise’s reputation is an intangible asset that can have profound implication on its success. APCO Insight’s data-driven approach to measuring and managing reputation helps clients around the world to build a strong reputation to drive their organization forward.

    Our validated, proprietary methodology – Return on Reputation – asserts that every enterprise’s reputation is defined by its own set of unique issues and expectations. By identifying and pulling the levers that matter to your stakeholders, you can more effectively manage and build reputation. This distinctive approach provides you with actionable intelligence to help your enterprise protect and build reputation, deepen stakeholder relationships and ultimately deliver a return on reputation to the organization.

  • In today’s complex landscape, stakeholder expectations are evolving rapidly and have never been higher – making it more important than ever before for each brand’s communications to be bold, authentic and grounded in insights. You benefit from a customized research program that puts your audience at the center of our work – helping you to better understand what they think, how they feel and what moves them. This approach will uncover insights to shape the stories that will help you break through the noise, seize new opportunities and find an enlightened path forward that changes perceptions and motivate behaviors.

  • Strong thought leadership stems from having a clear, distinct point of view on the issues affecting an industry – one that is built on a foundation of meaningful insights that distinguish you from peers. Bespoke research helps our clients identify and explore white space opportunities that will enable you to stand out from the crowd, demonstrate your value and expertise and speak credibly and authentically on the issues that are top of mind for stakeholders in your industries.

  • How organizations plan for, respond to and manage the issues and potential risks affecting their work has never been more important, and it requires a constant state of readiness. Through our audience-centric approach to research and deep subject matter expertise, we help you better understand and anticipate the issues and risks impacting your organization, uncover what your stakeholders need and want to hear, outline what is needed to prevent and mitigate reputational threats and identify unexpected opportunities.

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Proprietary tools

Return on Reputation is APCO Insight’s proprietary model for determining the impact of reputation on a company or industry.

TradeMarks is APCO Insight’s in-depth study of trade association effectiveness.

APCO Telescope is APCO’s propriety influencer intelligence process.

Agility Edge is a partnership that allows clients to quantitatively assess agility across several dimensions and a robust set of underlying core attributes and leverage holistic solutions to address gaps in performance.