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John Lin

John Lin, member of APCO’s International Advisory Council, is the founder and chairman at Grasshopper, a leading Singaporean proprietary trading firm providing liquidity in global markets. Despite graduating as an engineer, Mr. Lin opted for the independent spirit and frenzy of the trading pits from Chicago to London to Singapore for 15 years. When that mode was disrupted by electronic trading, he founded Grasshopper – one of the only independent, private, proprietary firms in Asia with no clients and no outside investors.

Mr. Lin also has deep interest in societal improvements.  He invests in fringe but game-changing endeavors from cryptocurrencies to plant-medicines to wellness & transformation.  He is also a board member at HighVibe, a company at the intersection of blockchain and wellness, designed to give people what is good for them with immersive experiences, multidimensional learning, and personal development.

Mr. Lin is the founder and chairman of Tilde, a cryptocurrency trading based in Singapore, and previously was chief trader at SMBC Nikko Securities. He has a bachelor of science degree from Cornell University.