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Managing Director, Gagen MacDonald

Jennifer Allison is managing director at Gagen MacDonald and prioritizes building and nurturing meaningful connections and prides herself on following through on her promises and commitments without fail. As a seasoned leader and communications pro, her approach is deeply rooted in an understanding of the role of leaders in helping employees navigate change while delivering results. Jennifer excels in developing strategies that address immediate challenges and tie to business outcomes while fostering long-term, sustainable growth and innovation.

In her role at Gagen MacDonald, Jennifer transcends traditional job descriptions, focusing instead on delivering impactful outcomes. She is dedicated to empowering leaders and organizations through strategic communication, leadership development, and change management. Her work goes beyond consulting; it’s about partnering with clients to navigate the complexities of organizational change, ensuring their journey is successful, meaningful, and aligned with their core values.

Before joining Gagen MacDonald, Jennifer practiced her skills across a variety of settings, including Publicis Dialog, Samsung, Dell Technologies and National Instruments. Her career is distinguished by notable achievements in building cohesive, high-performing teams, driving strategic initiatives, and cultivating cultures of innovation and excellence. Jennifer’s experience gives her a broad perspective and the ability to apply best practices in diverse organizational contexts.

Jennifer’s approach to her work is characterized by a commitment to authenticity, continuous learning, and collaborative problem-solving. She is constantly seeking innovative ways to use technology and new approaches to enhance communication and engagement strategies, ensuring they are effective, inclusive, and forward-thinking.

Jennifer grew up in a small town in East Texas where she discovered her passion for storytelling and helping others. She received a BA in Public Relations from Southern Methodist University and is currently pursuing an International Coaching Federation ACC certification. She is a Board Member of Austin Lighthouse and mentors with Ceresa.