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Senior Research Associate

Delia Mayor is a senior research associate at APCO and is based in Washington, D.C. She specializes in quantitative and qualitative social science research and is a member of the APCO Insight team. At APCO, Ms. Mayor assists with the management and execution of domestic and international research projects employing methods such as surveys, focus groups, in-depth interviews, digital and social media analysis.

Prior to joining APCO, Ms. Mayor worked at Penta Group, a stakeholder solutions firm in Washington where she conducted qualitative research on advocacy best practices, issue management, corporate social responsibility and DEI across fifteen different industries including healthcare, energy and technology sectors. Before that, Ms. Mayor employed theories and frameworks to address social and environmental determinants affecting marginalized communities and exploring health issues and policies for environmental non-profits in Washington, D.C., Michigan and Maryland.

Ms. Mayor holds a Master of Science in Environment and Sustainability from the University of Michigan with a focus on behavior change and environmental equity and coauthored several articles and reports published in a variety of media including the Environmental Law Reporter Journal. She is a native Spanish speaker.