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Senior Director, Consulting

Becky Jimenez is an organizational change, transformation and business agility professional at Gagen MacDonald with a background in the financial and insurance sectors. Her passion is for breaking down the complex into manageable, understandable and achievable actions. She is data- and key results-driven with expertise in Balanced Scorecard and Objective and Key Results (OKRs’) approaches. She is known for quickly connecting the dots and using her background and experiences to see around corners.

Ms. Jimenez has deep experience and expertise in the mix of leadership, culture, organizational process and infrastructure, and how these are keys to organizational agility and adaptability. She holds certifications in the areas of Lean Six Sigma, Change Management, Enterprise Architecture and Agile, and uses the concepts of all of these to help organizations transform and perform. She applies a combination of strategic, design, analytical and methodical thinking and believes organizational agility is critical for business success. She partners with clients to build the capability to plan strategically and tactically; apply the rigor to identify and align problems to solve complex issues with measurable solutions; and create the agility and infrastructure to help organizations quickly pivot as business, marketplace, and customer needs indicate. Ms. Jimenez is committed to people’s success and strives to support all the people that she partners with using active and intent listening, servant leadership, appreciative inquiry, forward thinking and measurable, effective ideas and solutions.

Ms. Jimenez loves dissecting business problems — from departmental to organizational — and partnering with others to develop, test and measure approaches and solutions. She has a passion for teaching and learning from others, be it academic knowledge or past experiences — successes and failures. Ms. Jimenez loves to create tools, frameworks and models by conducting research into what’s been done, what’s being done and what’s not been done or tried, and then testing these with an open mind and with the ability to quickly pivot and learn when things work and when they don’t. She gets her energy by looking at business problems from the outside in – from an objective perspective; collecting data around these problems; synthesizing and analyzing the data and then proposing data-based, data-driven solutions to resolve the current business problems and proactively prevent future issues.

Prior to Gagen MacDonald, Ms. Jimenez had the opportunity to work in the Financial and Insurance sectors for large, well-known Fortune 500 organizations and was fortunate to have had a wide variety of experiences in both the Technology and Business Operations (Internal and Customer Facing) and Human Resources (Change, Communications, Talent Development, Lean Six Sigma, PMO) areas. These experiences have uniquely positioned her to fully understand and appreciate the complex challenges that businesses face in today’s ever-changing landscape. Becky has had success in designing, implementing and leading Change Management Offices (CMOs), Enterprise Transformation Offices (ETOs), and Financial and Insurance organizational divisions. She has held multiple Senior Leadership positions in Business Operations and Organizational Change and Effectiveness disciplines – Communications, Change Management, Talent Development, Knowledge Management, Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures, Lean Six Sigma, Organizational Design and Transformation, Large-Scale Project Implementations and Program and Project Management.