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Abdelfattah “Rain” Alkhrissat is a dynamic AI engineer renowned for developing innovative AI-driven solutions that enhance both client servicing and internal team’s productivity. As an AI engineer in APCO’s Dubai office, Rain supports the development and integration of cutting-edge AI applications. He specializes in creating AI-powered solutions tailored to client needs, overseeing R&D in generative AI and mentoring junior AI enthusiasts. His role involves managing AI projects, providing data insights and leveraging advanced technologies to drive operational excellence.

Eyes are mirrors made of ice… Our faces are blank masks, painted with the reflection of our souls in the eyes of others

Prior to joining APCO, Rain worked in AI engineering at Xina AI, where he played a pivotal role in creating the first dialectical Arabic virtual assistant by combining custom-made AI algorithms and technologies. At Xina AI, he specialized in conversational AI components and speech technologies, leading the development and optimization of NLP conversation components. His strategic leadership in making business and product decisions guided projects from ideation to execution.

Rain’s expertise extends to deep learning frameworks, machine learning and AI tools and software development. He has comprehensive knowledge of the entire lifecycle of AI model development, including data strategy, planning, model training and deployment. His contributions to important business decisions and product design choices have been instrumental in the successful integration of AI technologies into virtual assistant products.

In addition to his technical prowess, Rain is passionate about connecting with like-minded professionals and enthusiasts in AI and data analysis. He enjoys exchanging ideas on the future of AI, team dynamics and exciting tech developments.

Rain holds a BSc in Computer Engineering from the University of Jordan and is fluent in Arabic and English.