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We deliver actionable intelligence to help your company protect and build reputation, deepen stakeholder relationships and ultimately deliver a Return on Reputation to the business.

The Value of a Strong Reputation

A company’s reputation is an intangible asset that can have a profound implication on the success of the business. If reputation hinges on meeting the expectations of stakeholders, research to understand these expectations is the most important endeavor a company can take to protect and build reputation.

What Defines a Company’s Reputation Is Unique, Not Universal

Unlike measurement models with one-size-fits-all attributes of reputation, APCO’s bespoke reputation research approach captures the unique issues and stakeholder expectations most important to your company’s reputation. With actionability built into the methodology, our granular and strategic assessment allows companies to pinpoint the specific action that must be taken to grow reputation.

APCO’s Approach to Reputation Management

Grounded in our 20+ years of experience looking at the tangible value that can be realized by building strong reputations, we develop best-in-class reputation frameworks to advise on strategies to enhance and protect reputation. Our team identifies the distinct elements that define your company’s reputation and which must be prioritized to move the needle.

Our Reputation Intelligence Conquers Complexity

  • Build stronger relationships with stakeholders
    We do this by focusing on the company’s reputation strengths and opportunities.
  • Seize the proactive opportunities to grow reputation
    Reputation can’t be built or strengthened on the set of issues you are against, rather it’s about finding the platform of what you are for – these are the opportunities to seize.
  • Anticipate the future
    It’s not just about how you’re viewed today, but anticipating and identifying the issues that will matter tomorrow and how to condition that environment to your advantage.
  • Mitigate reputational risks
    Issue management is most effective when considered within the context of overall reputation management – companies can best address an immediate threat with an understanding of where it sits in the broader reputation landscape.
  • Demonstrate the business impact of communication
    We quantify the value of proactive reputation management efforts on the business.
  • Lead business strategy
    We bring clarity to decision-making by helping you to prioritize the elements of reputation that matter most.


Katie Sprehe

Katie Sprehe

Senior Director, Reputation Research