Three Pieces of Advice for Women Entrepreneurs

As the founder of APCO Worldwide, the largest women-owned firm in the communications and public affairs industry, I feel I have a tremendous responsibility to train and mentor the next generation of women leaders at all stages of their careers, not just in our profession but in business generally. We need to develop more leaders who can contribute meaningful dialogue and bring about policies that will help remove obstacles toward progress for women everywhere.

I am inspired by the many women who have achieved so much and become outstanding role models for the next generation of business leaders. I have seen first-hand how businesswomen are driving economic change in Africa, effecting societal change in the Middle East and political change in the United States and Europe. These changes do not come easy; it is important to remember that we must remain engaged for the long-term to sustain the momentum to resolve issues of gender and diversity well ahead of projections.

In that spirit, I want to share three things I’ve kept in mind that helped me maintain perspective and contributed to my success.