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2021 and Beyond: Ideas for Britain’s Future

December 17, 2020

For the UK, 2020 has been dominated by Brexit and COVID-19. But with the former coming to an imminent resolution, and the first vaccinations already starting to roll out, what will the next 12 months hold for UK businesses and government?

To find out, our team in London asked selected friends and contacts from across politics, the private sector and civil society a simple question: what should the UK’s priorities be in 2021 and beyond?

Although not scientifically representative, the feedback received reflects the current imperatives around pandemic recovery as well as longer-term goals and priorities.

Our contributors shared a series of ideas to accelerate economic growth by investing in technology and other sectors with high growth potential, as well as productivity-enhancing infrastructure and services.

We also heard calls to heal the political and social divisions of recent years by uniting all parts of the UK towards a common purpose.

In 2021, the UK will host the COP26 climate talks and G7 summit, providing opportunities for the British Government and businesses to showcase the kind of role they wish to play on the global stage.

Against this backdrop, policy ideas, such as those included here, will be more important than ever. Please be in touch with any comments or questions you have.

Scroll through the report here:

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