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We live in a complex world–from global pandemics to geopolitical shocks, trade tensions to an increasingly changing nature of globalization, shaped by technological breakthroughs and innovation. Globally, society’s expectations of the role of business have profoundly changed.

Today, leaders must have not only a compass and a radar to navigate changing realities, but also a smart approach to mobilizing likeminded and often less traditional partners for action and collaboration. Public and private leaders cannot alone tackle the challenges we all face. The most successful and forward-looking organizations have built an ecosystem of innovative partners–progressive companies, multilateral agencies, NGOs, academic networks, disruptors and innovators.

APCO provides clients with expertise in global and cross-sectoral connectivity and ability to catalyze progress on impact-multiplying partnerships that help deliver on business and societal agendas.

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The value of strategic partnerships in a rapidly changing world

Bettina Schaller, SVP Head Group Public Affairs, The Adecco Group

“The world of work is under tremendous transformation all over the globe, in every sector and at every level of profession. What I am most interested in is the impact that cross-sectoral partnerships can unleash. Those who are able to connect and convene partners are the great engineers of the future. The partnership between APCO and The Adecco Group is anchored in that mindset.”

Koye Adeboye, Head of Communications, Spotlight Initiative, United Nations

“Partnerships have been instrumental to delivering on our goal of ending violence against women and girls. We brought together a truly cross-sectoral group of leaders from government, civil society and the private sector, under the aegis of the United Nations and the European Commission. APCO provided valuable support by introducing this initiative on a global stage and helping us convene and engage leaders during the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting.”

Elizabeth Cousens, President & CEO, United Nations Foundation

“The UN Foundation connects people, ideas, and resources to the United Nations to deliver a better world for all, using the power of partnership to inspire solidarity and mobilize collective action that addresses the big challenges of our time. APCO has been a critical partner in many of these initiatives, helping us build support for causes from clean cooking and sustainable energy to vaccine access and the need for better gender data.”


Joining forces to multiply impact

Clients have an opportunity to tap into our unique network and expertise working with innovative organizations at the forefront of issues on the global agenda today, from climate action and net zero transitions to global health and future pandemic preparedness, digital inclusion, future of skills and jobs and much more.

By leveraging our deep connectivity with multilateral organizations, we help our clients translate policy and partnership agendas into opportunities for strategic engagement, and build long-term, mutually beneficial and trusted relationships.

Through this practice, we shape and bring to life multi-stakeholder collaborations that deliver on both business and societal value and help our clients accelerate their ESG ambitions and action towards addressing the Sustainable Development Goals.


Setting the agenda

Our team shapes our firm’s and clients’ engagements with key global agenda setting platforms and organizations–from the G20 to the UN General Assembly Week, COPs, World Economic Forum and many other multi-stakeholder processes and fora. Our senior team has an active participant role and a seat at the table, advising on negotiations, providing strategic counsel to delegation leaders, shaping and catalyzing private sector initiatives and advising on advocacy, strategic partnerships, thought leadership, media and communications strategies.

Case Studies

Case studies

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