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Return on Reputation Indicator

Return on Reputation is a philosophy

Outcomes are at the center of our philosophy. These principles emphasize the link between reputation and business goals. APCO Insight is world-renowned for our ability to quantify the concrete value of corporate brands and reputation on business realities.

Our research delivers value. The APCO measurement approach powers effective strategic communication and reputation management programs. It’s beyond being trusted; it’s more effective to be actionable.

There is no universal measurement.  Each sector – indeed, every company – is unique. Truly understanding and measuring against unique factors of reputation leads to transformational insights for both positioning strategies and business operations.

Your stakeholders are integral to this process. We rely on your key audiences to articulate their expectations of what it takes to protect and build an enduring relationship with the corporate brand. We are specialists in gathering perspectives across a range of audiences, from general consumers and employees to niche, hard to reach audiences, such as policy elites, financial analysts and business executives.

Research is only the start. Fundamental to our approach is application.  We work with our clients to apply insights to develop actionable strategies. The journey begins with data and seamlessly evolves into a communications roadmap to positively impact the relationship with your stakeholders.

Our Philosophy in Action

APCO Insight has applied its Return on Reputation philosophy across a wide-range of industries. In each case, our measurement was customized – designed by the expectations of unique stakeholders, driven by relevant issues, with findings tailored to answer communications challenges through actionable strategies.

Some of the industries we have studied

  • Education
  • Electrical Engineering/Technology
  • Electricity
  • Entertainment
  • Financial Services
  • Governments

Applying the Philosophy for You

Return on Reputation will transform your relationships with your key stakeholders. Our approach has proven to better understand reputation so you can protect and enhance your most precious asset.


Katie Sprehe

Senior Director, Corporate Reputation Research

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Senior Director, Health Care Reputation Research+1.646.556.9313