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emPower: Outbreak 2020

Helping Corporate Leaders Navigate Disease Outbreaks

Public health outbreaks are not new, but companies are still caught unprepared. In an effort to help clients better prepare for and manage a communications and business crisis around the coronavirus outbreak and disease epidemics, APCO Worldwide created a dedicated emPOWER simulation for corporate entities.

apco emPoweremPOWER is a unique, interactive digital crisis simulation tool that combines virtual crisis role-playing game with advanced analytics and expert analysis, allowing executives to better understand how their organizations will respond during a crisis.

The Outbreak 2020 simulation is designed to help organizations evaluate critical business decisions, play out scenario plans and practice communications around a public health outbreak. With emPOWER, your organization has an opportunity to experience of an evolving crisis and assess situational awareness, leadership, alignment and decision making under extreme pressure.


Who should participate in the emPOWER Outbreak 2020 simulation from your organization?

The answer is easy: the key individuals within your organization invested in reputation management and business continuity.

While the parameters can be adjusted to meet your organization’s unique needs and environment, the emPOWER Outbreak 2020 simulation includes the following roles:

  • C-Suite
  • General Counsel
  • External Communications
  • Internal Communications
  • Corporate Affairs
  • Government Relations
  • Human Resources

Learn more

For more information, download the emPOWER Outbreak 2020 one-pager or the general emPOWER one-pager here.

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