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APCO ER brings together a dedicated team of highly-trained emergency response professionals at APCO who are on call around-the-clock and available to activate within 60 minutes of being notified to respond to material crises such as oil/chemical spills, derailments, fires, mine emergencies, crashes or hurricanes for clients.

Today, news of a material crisis can travel around the world in seconds. APCO’s global team is experienced in setting up communications functions in challenging environments, and we have experience coordinating on-site programs for clients facing incidents such as pipeline explosions, freight railroad derailments, mine safety emergencies and natural disasters. APCO ER’s experts have significant experience practicing within the National Incident Management (NIMS) structure as well as in staffing Joint Information Centers (JICs).

Trained, dedicated practitioners.

APCO ER brings senior level practitioners with decades of experience responding to incidents. Our team supports your communications team by developing comprehensive plans, participating in hands-on training exercises, anticipating potential issues, coordinating with corporate first-responders, other on-scene entities, and impacted communities, and providing critical analysis of the response following the incident.

Global scale.

APCO ER is a full-service offering of APCO Worldwide, an independent, global communication, stakeholder engagement and business strategy firm, with more than 600 colleagues around the world. Our team is able to pull from anywhere in the network to meet your challenges – whether you need the counsel of a specific subject matter expert or communications support in multiple markets.

Immediate mobilization.

Our team is ready to deploy to any location anywhere in the world at a moments notice with logistical support materials and round the clock assistance from the broader APCO network. The APCO ER team will be en route to an incident site within 60 minutes to establish on-site communications capabilities within an hour of arrival.


For crisis help, please contact us via

Eliot Hoff

Global Crisis Practice Lead+1.212.300.1801