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Do you think the internet and social media were game changers? Our world is facing a major disruptive force that promises to be even bigger than both

apco ai comms lab logoThink the internet and social media were game changers? Our world is facing an even greater disruptive force that promises to more radically transform the way we work, live, and connect with everyone and everything around us. Most of us already use some form of Artificial Intelligence in our daily lives – think voice-activated digital assistants, GPS, refrigerators that tell you when you’re low on milk. These are the basics.

But what’s coming will take this disruption to a whole new level, and the communications media are in the eye of the AI storm. Think about brands having their own voice, what we call sonic branding, consider robots as an entirely new stakeholder audience, or editorial boards comprised of emotionally intelligent machines.

The question is not if, but when. And the answer is, it’s already happening.

With APCO’s AI Comms Lab, we are taking the driver’s seat with the aim of shaping this change. The APCO AI Comms Lab is not a product, not a new service, nor is it digital 2.0. It’s the foundation of our modus operandi at APCO Worldwide; helping our clients through the latest in innovation and the biggest of ideas.

Governments, companies, brands alike need to rip up their playbooks. The revolution is here and we are embracing it with a sense of curiosity, enthusiasm, and genuine intrigue. Ultimately, our ability to effectively communicate, connect, and perhaps more fundamentally survive is to help write the new rules, because the old rules of communications no longer apply.

Welcome to the APCO AI Comms Lab.

Read more in our launch press release.

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