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We've cracked the code on agility.

Today’s uncertain business environment causes most organizations to move too cautiously or—worse yet—not move at all. Companies, nonprofits and governments that thrive today are insatiably curious and bold. They never stand still, disregard no one and miss nothing. They’re agile, but in a new way.

Our research has uncovered this new formula for agility. We’ve created a way to measure where an organization stands on its path to reach key business objectives and operate at peak performance. We’re collaborating with clients to help them leap forward, seize opportunities and outpace trends and competitors, giving them the Agility EdgeSM.

Dimensions that drive agile performance.

Active leadership

Curious leaders are visionaries who know how their decisions impact the business, employees, partners and customers. What if and why not are part of their everyday vocabularies.

Enterprising culture

Curious cultures are forward-looking. They reward candor, risk-taking and reinvention. They encourage employees to learn, adapt and push the boundaries to capitalize on opportunities.

Shared advocacy

Curious organizations know their markets inside out, closely monitor potential risks and use their influence to shape current and future changes in their favor.

Measuring & bolstering corporate agility.

agility indicator

Agility Indicator®.

Objective measures of corporate agility can be tricky. That’s why we created the APCO Agility Indicator®, a proprietary, quantitative and client-specific assessment tool that quickly gauges performance across the 14 unique factors within Agility’s three dimensions of Active Leadership, Enterprising Culture and Shared Advocacy, to quickly identify agility strengths and gaps. Organizations with high Agility Scores are significantly more likely to exceed performance on key financial success metrics including growth in revenue and share price.

agility exchange

Agility Exchange.

Great things happen when smart people kick around new ideas and let their minds guide them to uncharted territory. Through the new APCO Agility Exchange, we deliver access to unmatched expertise and stimulate companies to think differently. Part think tank, part consultancy, part thought leadership engine, the Exchange unites economics, psychology, philosophy and trend experts to help companies move—and stay—ahead.

Our partners.

An agile collective at your fingertips

Want to understand true Active Leadership? The Boswell Group advises CEOs, executive teams and boards to produce practical, thoughtful strategies that align leadership to activate its most valuable asset: its people.

Gagen MacDonald is a strategy execution consulting firm specializing in employee engagement, culture change, leadership, and business transformation. Gagen focuses on helping clients turn their strategies into results by addressing the human struggle of change.

Oxford Analytica is an independent, geopolitical analysis and consulting firm that draws on a worldwide network of experts to advise its clients on their strategies, operations, policies and investments. Its trusted insights and seasoned judgements on global issues enable its clients to succeed in complex markets where the nexus of politics and economics, business and society is critical.

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