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Stay-Ahead-SABREKeeping up with the latest trends in business and society is critical to making sure your organization stays agile in the new global economy. Stay Ahead shares research, insights and perspectives from APCO’s experts around the world through the lens of the core principles of agility we developed in the Corporate Agility Partnership we created with Gagen MacDonald, The Boswell Group and Oxford Analytica.

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February 2020: Building a Culture That Lasts

“Trust is one of the most valuable resources in the workplace, but it takes time to earn and can be easy to lose. Leaders who want to earn the trust of their employees must be willing to identify and understand the barriers within their organization and take steps to ensure they are creating a culture that benefits their workforce and the bottom line.”

Kimberly Gardiner, director, via PR Daily


January 2020: Global Leadership in 2020: Who is Really Leading the World?

“Today, stakeholders are looking at companies to fill the leadership gap that governments are starting to leave behind. As we look ahead, leaders must understand the significance of corporate purpose and prepare for the social risks that they will face.”

Margery Kraus
Founder & Executive Chairman, APCO Worldwide


December 2019: The Year Ahead: Which Trends Will Dominate 2020?

“I foresee 2020 being a year which crystallises change. Organisations that are slow to adapt to the increased focus on the value of business in society may find it hard to recover their position in the eyes of consumers and even their own workforce.”

Brad Staples
CEO, APCO Worldwide


November 2019: Who Matters? Defining the Future of Influence

The future may be digital, but the future of influence won’t necessary lie with social media handles. As we move into an era when long-ignored concerns are becoming priorities for policymakers, it is imperative for brands to engage individuals who have the passion to bring and implement change.

Salonie Chawla
New Delhi


October 2019: What Does the Consumer of the Future Want?

“Today, consumers have very little loyalty towards brands in the traditional sense. The expectation is that companies act and those actions must be connected to their values and culture.”

Lars Petersson
APCO IAC Member, Former President of IKEA U.S.


September 2019: Alone or Together? The Role of Multilateral Institutions in a Tribal World

“In today’s world, where some multinationals are larger than national economies, and where a 16-year-old activist can mobilize more people than politicians, there is clearly a role for institutional leaders to lead the charge and serve as beacons of hope for solving the world’s most pressing problems.”

Judit Arenas
Senior Director, New York


August 2019: How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the World

“With the rise of AI, we have the best tools in history at our disposal to solve complex problems. Companies need to stay ahead of the curve and embrace the change, or risk being at a competitive disadvantage and playing catch up.”

Imad Lahad
Head of APCO Worldwide’s AI Comms Lab


July 2019: Corporate Conscience: C-suite’s Role in Vision and Values

“Practically every organization today has a set of corporate values that it uses to help guide its decisions and behaviors…

But the key question they need to be asking is: are these values making an impact?”

Kimberly Gardiner
Director, Strategic Communications


June 2019: What the Future of Europe Means for the World

“In the wake of Europe’s seismic political shifts, it is more important than ever to understand Brussels.”

Theo Moore
Managing Director, Brussels


May 2019: Building the Workforce of the Future

“A strong enterprising culture can be a differentiating factor in future-proofing an organization. Cultures that are forward-looking, reward curiosity, candor, risk-taking and reinvention have greater business success and improved business performance.”

Kimberly Gardiner
Director, Strategic Communications


April 2019: Social Risk: How can leaders prepare?

“Together, high expectations and the eroded control of the corporate narrative have joined forces to create a new category of enterprise risk: Social Risk. Companies who integrate social risk into their strategic planning will earn the license to sustainably operate in this new landscape.”

Barie Carmichael


March 2019: Gaining Balance: How to #BalanceForBetter in an unbalanced world

“Diversity is a number, but inclusion is a choice. Closing the gender gap and achieving balance around the world requires that we hold each other accountable. Together, we need to be mindful and present, think before we speak and understand the cultures in which we interact daily.”

— Margery Kraus
APCO Founder and Executive Chairman


February 2019: Health Care 2020: What is the future of health?

“Health is always undergoing change – what is new today, will certainly be old by tomorrow. Actors in the industry need to understand how patient preferences are evolving and driving innovation.”

Alexandra Lazorchak & James Tyrrell
APCO’s Health Practice Leads


January 2019: Davos: Who is truly leading the world?

“The world will look to the outcomes of the World Economic Forum as a milestone in global progress. Let’s set the stage of a new agile world.”

Margery Kraus
Founder and Executive Chairman, APCO