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El Hachem

Chief Operating Officer, MENA

Areas of Expertise:

# Media & Telecomms

Samer El Hachem has led a series of bold transformations and delivered proven business results in the fast-changing and increasingly competitive business landscape in the MENA region. With more than 12 years of progressive experience across the media sector, Samer brings his pioneering spirit to his new dual roles, as the chief operating officer MENA and senior director of Global Transformation, where he will collaborate with the senior leadership in the region, setting and driving organizational vision, operational strategy and making new products and services possible. In his new roles, he will also drive APCO’s growth and profitability targets, design and implement business processes to boost efficiency, and lead the MENA pricing council.

Samer joined APCO in 2017 as a project manager, before moving to Dubai and rising to become chief business officer. As an executive member of the MENA management team, his support and guidance has been critical to the success of the business, as he played a leading role in the restructuring of business operations.

In his earlier executive roles in the broadcast and production industry, Samer served in top media companies in the region, such as Rotana and LBC Group, as chief operating officer and head of strategy. His transformational leadership helped those companies expand their operations and footprint to new markets. In addition, Samer structured alliances between current regional media companies and top international groups such as Bloomberg, Disney and Hello TV.

Samer has a strong management consulting background, having previously worked with Booz & Company and Booz Allen Hamilton. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Management from Saint Joseph University in Lebanon and a Master of Business Administration from the Lebanese American University and the University of the State of New York.