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Senior Director

Nick Ashton-Hart is a senior director for digital economy policy for APCO Worldwide and is based in New York. He currently covers the UN General Assembly’s global cybersecurity and cybercrime convention negotiations and has been on the delegation of the United Kingdom to the International Telecommunications Union for more than a decade where he is a lead negotiator for the European region’s 36 member-states on various Internet-related economic policy issues.  

He also heads the Digital Trade Network (DTN) where he is global industry’s only dedicated voice in the Geneva international community for digital economic policy and is respected as a leading expert in the application of trade policy and law to the knowledge economy. He attends the 89 country trade negotiations on the digital economy at the World Trade Organisation as an advisor to a WTO Member state. 

He started his working life managing a successful punk band, the UK Subs, at age 20 – and ended up managing the “Godfather of Soul” James Brown and multi-platinum electronic pop innovators Heaven 17. He also had a career in the ICT sector, starting as a systems administrator and ending up consulting as a temporary CIO/CTO for firms undergoing rapid transformation. He writes periodically for the Council on Foreign Relations.