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Senior Associate Director

Majda Achab is a senior associate director in APCO’s Paris office with more than 10 years of experience in public affairs.

As APCO’s Tech practice lead for France, Majda helps global tech companies in maximizing their public affairs efforts in the French market to position themselves as responsible and trusted partners, build a coherent advocacy network strategy, and ultimately drive business growth.​ She specializes in various priorities driven by France policy’s agenda such as digital sovereignty, data protection, public procurement, and more broadly all the social, economic and ecological impacts induced by the digital transition. ​

Prior to joining APCO, Majda worked at Edelman France in the corporate affairs team, where she coordinated public affairs strategies for high-profile political and business leaders. Between 2016 and 2020, Majda gained a sound knowledge of the French political landscape and law-making process within Com’Publics, a French lobbying boutique. She is also familiar with the EU decision-making process thanks to her past experience within the cabinet of former EU commissioner Michel Barnier in 2014.

Majda holds a Master in European affairs from La Sorbonne University, where she is currently teaching the basics of lobbying as a part-time lecturer.