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Associate Consultant

Lottie Wistow is an associate consultant based in APCO’s London office. In this role, Ms. Wistow supports clients in a range of industries, particularly those in the healthcare and technology sectors. She has significant experience leading a technology-focused account, which acts as the hub agency and involves managing and coordinating other comms agencies in multiple markets across the EMEA region.

She utilises her solid grasp of using language in drafting written content on behalf of her clients, tailored to address a diverse set of audiences, including briefing books, by-lines, media pitches and reports, in addition to social media engagement.

Ms. Wistow has also established worthy relationships with many individual stakeholders, as part of long-term projects working towards changing healthcare policies in the UK. This includes leading on organising several roundtable events to engage and bring together key leaders in the industry. Her role also involves liaising with these individuals to compile and draft reports and recommendations, to then be presented to healthcare bodies to encourage necessary actions to be taken.

She graduated from the University of Birmingham with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in English Language.