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Imad Lahad

Managing Director, Dubai and Global Digital Practice Lead

Imad Lahad is managing director of APCO Worldwide’s Dubai office, head of APCO’s AI Comms Lab and co-lead of the firm’s global Digital practice. He works with clients to develop innovative approaches to tell their stories as well as promote and protect their brands through leveraging innovations in artificial intelligence and digital tools.

With extensive experience in the media, publishing, online and franchising industries, Mr. Lahad is regarded as an industry leader and is a featured speaker and trainer on the topics of strategy, disruption, business transformation and emotional intelligence. For more than 20 years, he has been helping regional companies see their businesses from a new perspective and identify new opportunities to grow their products and services.

In his leadership roles at APCO, Mr. Lahad oversees an integrated team of seasoned digital and multi-media specialists, AI experts and storytellers who are charged with experimenting with and adopting these new tools in APCO’s AI Comms Lab and developing unique content and listening strategies to support APCO’s portfolio of clients around the world.

Mr. Lahad has won a number of awards during his career including “Best Media Strategy Award 2013” for the website awarded by PAWA, and the “Silver Award” for Waseet’s “Look No Further” campaign in KSA under the category of “Use of Special Events and Stunt/Live Advertising,” awarded by Dubai Lynx 2013.

Mr. Lahad is fluent in English, French and Arabic and has a master’s degree in marketing and communications from ESCP/EAP, Paris.