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Dr. Deborah Elms

Founder and Executive Director of the Asian Trade Center

Dr. Deborah Elms, member of APCO’s International Advisory Council, is the founder and executive director of the Asian Trade Centre. The Asian Trade Centre works with governments and companies to design better trade policies for the region. Dr. Elms is also president of the Asia Business Trade Association (ABTA). She served on the Trade and Investment Council of the World Economic Forum from 2017-2019, on the International Technical Advisory Committee of the Global Trade Professionals Alliance (GTPA) and was chair of the Working Group on Trade Policy and Law. She was also a senior fellow in the Singapore Ministry of Trade and Industry’s Trade Academy.

Previously, Dr. Elms was head of the Temasek Foundation Centre for Trade & Negotiations (TFCTN) and senior fellow of International Political Economy at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Dr. Elms received a PhD in political science from the University of Washington, a MA in international relations from the University of Southern California, and a bachelor’s degrees from Boston University. Dr. Elms publishes the Talking Trade Blog.