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Chrystine Zacherau

Senior Director, APCO Insight

Chrystine Zacherau, senior director with APCO Insight, the opinion research group at APCO Worldwide, provides opinion research and analysis in the health care sector. Ms. Zacherau manages APCO Insight’s global health care research offering that helps clients better understand the needs and expectations of health care practitioners and build stronger ties with stakeholders. Her health care expertise combines experience and education as both a research professional and a licensed registered nurse.

Ms. Zacherau is a specialist in advanced quantitative methods and discrete sampling methodologies for hard-to-reach populations, particularly among health care stakeholder audiences. Her expertise in complex sampling and data collection has helped clients significantly improve communication and thought leadership through the use of rigorous opinion research. She has conducted numerous public opinion studies used for public release on pressing health care issues ranging from physician engagement to drug importation.

Ms. Zacherau is also a BSN, licensed registered nurse who worked the front lines of health care delivery. She was privileged to serve patients as a staff nurse for a national hospital corporation. Ms. Zacherau is passionate about women’s health issues and maintains her nursing credentials, which allows her to continue providing direct patient care.

Ms. Zacherau has conducted opinion research projects for many of the nation’s best-known research organizations, including Voter News Service, The Marist Institute for Public Opinion, and the Center for Survey Research and Analysis at the University of Connecticut. She also served as a research analyst at the Roper Center, America’s leading academic institution for opinion research, where she helped establish the world’s largest archive of public opinion data for journalists, academicians and business leaders.

Earlier in her career, Ms. Zacherau served as senior research manager at Behavior Research Center, an opinion research firm working in public polling, customer satisfaction research and corporate branding. Additionally, she was a senior research analyst at AdvancePCS, where she conducted qualitative and quantitative research in the pharmaceutical and health care sectors. Her groundbreaking work there helped develop protocols for point-of-care solutions that use handheld technologies for prescription writing.

Ms. Zacherau holds a Bachelor of Arts in political science from Marist College, a Bachelor of Science in nursing from George Mason University and a Master of Arts in survey research methodology from the University of Connecticut.