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Andrew Serwin
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Andrew Serwin

Executive director of the Lares Institute

Andrew Serwin is executive director of the Lares Institute, a think tank focused on privacy and information management, as well as general counsel of the RIM Council of the Ponemon Institute, LLC, a group that brings together information management professionals from privacy and data protection disciplines to develop solutions to challenges facing organizations’ information assets.

He is a distinguished lawyer with a background in privacy and consumer protection matters. He has handled a number of high-profile cases, including multiple privacy enforcement matters before the Federal Trade Commission.

Mr. Serwin has advised a number of Fortune 500 companies from a diverse set of industries, including emerging technologies, health care, life sciences, and personalized medicine, on issues pertaining to global privacy compliance. He also has extensive litigation and enforcement experience as lead counsel on several matters regarding the alleged misuse of personal information.

He previously served as president and general counsel of online political magazine

Published Works:

Information Security and Privacy:  A Guide to Federal and State Law and Compliance
Information Security and Privacy:  A Guide to International Law and Compliance