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Project Consultant, Geo-Commerce Solutions

Adam Foster is a project consultant at APCO and is based in Washington, D.C. He specializes in research, advocacy and Chinese foreign policy and is a member of the firm’s Geo-Commerce Solutions Team. At APCO, Adam currently uses his research background in both quantitative and qualitative policy research initiatives to support and advise multinational businesses as they navigate geopolitical challenges.

Prior to joining APCO, Adam worked in media outreach and market research consulting, gaining invaluable experience with client-advisory solutions and public relations.

Adam’s commitment to advocacy extends beyond his professional pursuits. He has previously worked with an Eritrean human rights group, advising on policy initiatives and advocating for the release of political prisoners. Additionally, Adam has a history of lobbying on behalf of education and technology policy reform in his home state of New Mexico.

Adam holds a B.A from Tufts University in International Relations. His published research initiatives include China’s foreign political influence on elections in the South Pacific and Taiwan, and the monetary ecosystem of the Libyan Refugee Crisis. He is proficient in Mandarin Chinese.